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Elemental Lariat


Elemental Lariat is a World of Warcraft necklace item WoW players craft with the Dragonflight jewelcrafting profession recipe. It has 3 recraft ranks that affect on the item’s level, stats, proc chance and number of sockets.

Elemental Lariat has a 34% proc chance and low cooldown timer – 2,3 procs every 60 seconds. Its unique ability empowers the character’s secondary stats like haste, critical strike, versatility or mastery on 417 rating. Prioritized stat depends on the type of injected sockets.

The best gems for Elemental Lariat:

Socket type: Stat:
Air gem Haste
Earth gem Mastery
Fire gem Critical Strike
Frost gem Versatility

Gamers can add up to 3 sockets to create builds for multiple character specializations. Because of this, the necklace becomes a BiS (best-in-slot) item for all the WoW game classes in Dragonflight PvE Season 1.


  • Piloted option – active World of Warcraft subscription and Dragonflight expansion. Our booster will farm all the materials to make an order and get Elemental Lariat of the required rank on your character.
  • Self-play option – we’ll farm and trade you all tradeable item mats including high mythic+ keys or raid.

By buying WoW Elemental Lariat, you are guaranteed to receive an item of desired rank and ilvl. Delivery time depends on the desired item’s rank.


How to craft Elemental Lariat?

Players can craft Elemental Lariat with the Dragonflight jewelcrafting. Once you reach 50 profession skills – you’ll be able to combine the materials and create an item. Here’s the list required for crafting mats: Spark of Ingenuity, Primal Chaos, Shimmering Clasp, Illimited Diamond, Elemental Harmony.

How to get Elemental Lariat recipe?

Recipe drops in Dragon Isles locations from the World of Warcraft rare and elite mobs with a 0,3-2% drop chance. It is not soulbond, so you can buy or sell it on the auction house. Another method to get a recipe or an item – purchase it on PlayCarry.

How to add sockets to elemental lariat?

To add more sockets in your Elemental Lariat, you need to use Tiered Medallion on it. This WoW item has 3 upgrade ranks – bronze, silver and gold. Each rank adds 1 get slot to your neck. So, the highest available number of gems is 3.

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