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Jacin’s Ruse Armor Set


Jacin’s Ruse armor set in World of Warcraft is a gear tier with 2 items added to the game with Legion WoW expansion. It became available in Dragonflight expansion with the release of the Mythic Season 1. Set bonus adds a chance to increase your character mastery for 15 seconds upon casting a spell or attacking in melee. Includes Gloves and Boots pieces.

There 2 armor items in Jacin’s Ruse set:

  • Guileful Intruder Handguards, drops in Court of Stars
  • Tunnel Trudger Footguards, drops in The Arcway

The Court of Stars is available for clearing in Mythic+ difficulty in Dragonflight season 1, so players can already obtain the first item. The Arcway might be added in S2, so getting an entire set will be possible.

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Jacin’s Ruse Armor Set
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Jacin’s Ruse Armor Set
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