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Signet of Titanic Insight


Signet of Titanic Insight is an epic crafting plate in WoW Dragonflight. Armor takes up a waist slot and at max level (408) gives +634 Stamina and +549 to two random stats.

The Signet of Titanic Insight is also one of the top items for Shadow Priest in DPS builds. Depending on the additional stats, this item may be suitable for different characters. Dragon Isles Jewelcrafting level 100 is required to create the ring, making it impossible to create this item early in the game.

In addition to a high level of skill in Jewelcrafting – Signet of Titanic Insight requires rare materials to create in WoW. One of these materials is the Spark of Ingenuity, which can be obtained by passing a certain long questline once a week.


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  1. Level 70 on WoW character;
  2. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion;
  3. Active game subscription.
Signet of Titanic Insight
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