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3v3 Arena Coaching Bundle


Need to learn how to improve your skill in Arenas? Or, perhaps, you are returning to World of Warcraft after a break and need to learn PvP again?

Sure, you can find tons of videos over on the internet but 99% of those will only give you general information that you most likely already knew. You need someone experienced to show you all the tricks and tactics. How to move, how to position yourself, how to use your skills and cooldowns, how to actually kill that pesky healer. You cannot find any of that on Youtube, no sir. You can find it here tho. We are offering you a 3 hours arena coaching bundle.

Our r1 players will join a voice chat with you and share their priceless experience. Mechanics, crowd control, managing your resources, helping you setup your UI or Macro’s, we got your back. This bundle can also be useful for already skilled and experienced players who are looking for a skilled teammate to make that final push.

3 hours arena coaching rewards:

  • 3 hours of playing arenas with our coaches, during which they’ll be teaching you how to get better in PvP
  • Help with your UI or Macro’s, if needed
  • Priceless experience that will undoubtedly make you better PvP’er
  • A lot of 2v2 or 3v3 arenas played during the session
3v3 Arena Coaching Bundle
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3v3 Arena Coaching Bundle
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