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Elite PvP Rival 1 Set


Elite PvP Rival 1 Set boost is a great way to get yourself a unique, cool looking set. You’ll find everything you need in this bundle for either a quick Elite PvP set boost or to help you start this season’s journey. This bundle includes 1800 rating, around 2200 conquest and 7000 honor points, and the Elite PvP Rival 1 set itself.

PvP is as fun as it is hard. And for those who need help with it we are happy to offer our services. Our Multiple Rank 1 Gladiator teams are at your disposal. Act now and get yourself a fun, quick and super useful bundle of pvp rewards with our Elite PvP Rival 1 boost.

Available for all regions, servers, factions and classes.

Elite PvP Rival 1 Set boost rewards:

  • Elite Rival Set
  • 1800 arena rating in either solo shuffle, 2v2 or 3v3
  • Around 2200 conquest
  • Roughly 7000 honor points
  • Ability to upgrade your Conquest 424 PvP ilvl gear to 398 ilvl in PvE activies
Elite PvP Rival 1 Set
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Elite PvP Rival 1 Set
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