Solo Shuffle Boost

Solo Shuffle is a rated PvP activity in World of Warcraft that players can purchase on PlayCarry site. In the previous expansion, Solo Shuffle was weakly rewarded, but in Dragonflight it has finally become rated with valuable prizes! From now on, after buying Solo Shuffle boost, gamers receive more Conquest points, titles, seasonal Vicious mount points, rewards from the Great Vault, and other rating rewards.

After the success of non-rated Solo Shuffles in World of Warcraft, Blizzard admitted that it helped them collect important data, features, and solve many problems with the single queue system. Entering any rated PvP activity without premade-parties was impossible, but now WoW gamers can queue by their own and achieve their goals without any help! But how to earn maximum possible profit from the Solo Shuffles in Dragonflight with small PvP experience? PlayCarry has an answer!

The vast teams of PlayCarry boosters are working everyday to help WoW players with fulfilling any demand in both PvP and PvE. Lacking the knowledge of certain classes in PvP? Don’t like the mechanics, but want some rewards? Solo Shuffle carries are getting more and more popular after the appearance of rating, so don’t miss your chance to be among the first players who earned new titles and rewards!

Solo Shuffle Rating Boosting

Due to the specificness of Solo Shuffle, it is only possible to carry in Piloted boost mode. Unlike a lot of other services, we are honest with our customers: account sharing boosts are always a little risky. Despite this, our boosters do their best to make carries as safe as possible. They never communicate with anyone in the live-chat and keep your character invisible for guildmates and friends. The safest VPN is also provided.

Process of piloted boost is very simple:

  1. Check and decide which Solo Shuffle service exactly you want to try. We need to know the certain needed rating or wins amount, the desired title, etc. Having troubles with deciding the best one? Worry not, contact 24/7 online managers in live-chat on our boosting site to receive professional advice and recommendations. All of our stuff, even operators, have performed boosts themselves, so their consultations are personalized and valid.
  2. Purchase the wanted carry.
  3. Describe your character’s class, faction and ilvl to the chat, or simply link armory. This is important to select the best booster for a particular class.
  4. After the managers have booked a booster, the account sharing process will start. Remember, we only need a login and password, nothing more. Let our operators know it with your location for VPN and share an account with the booster.
  5. Wait until you are notified that the boost is done. ETA is different for every order, and may depend on gear or spec. Each service has an approximate time of completion on its page.
    Please make sure not to log in during the boost! It makes the carry longer due to Deserter debuff (since Dragonflight, the time of debuff gets longer each time a player quits mid-round), and the risks of Blizzard checking the account get higher.
  6. Enjoy the results of the fulfilled carry!

World of Warcraft Solo Shuffle Rewards

Just like every other rated PvP content, Solo Shuffles will now provide a lot of good and unique rewards. For example, players can farm their Vicious saddles and mounts without spending time on looking for a good PvP team. That’s why any Solo Shuffle boost grants you some decent progress on obtaining it! Besides that, farming Conquests and Honor is now possible on Solo Shuffles as well, so this is also a good addition for a carry.

There are plenty of achievements for participating and winning Solo Shuffle. Some of them result in obtaining unique rewards! Here are some examples of obtainable achievements :

RewardAmount of round
Solo Aspirations15
Solely Motivated50
Steadfast Soloist150
Sole Survivor15 wins
Successful Solos50 wins
Supreme Soloist150 wins

Supreme Soloist is rewarded with the title Soloist. Also, similar to Gladiator on Arena, and Hero of the Horde/Alliance on RBGs, there is a reward for reaching 0,5% of the Ladder and winning 50 more games on that rating. This rewards an amazing title Crimson Soloist. Our boosters can easily perform this kind of carry and let your character show off those results!

Buying Solo Shuffle Carry in WoW

Solo Shuffle boost service is getting more popular everyday, as new players contact us with different demands and goals. With an individual approach, we discovered some of the most common things that lead gamers to purchase Solo Shuffle Carry in WoW.

  1. The main reason to consider purchasing Solo Shuffle carry is the fact that it is completely random. Unlike the regular WoW arena with premade teams, it is almost impossible to plan tactics and properly communicate with your teammates, which change every round. Every player has his own style, and explaining it each round is problematic. PlayCarry boosters are already experienced enough to do that! PlayCarry boosters have been doing 2s carries for ages, even with unskilled or afk teammates, so carrying everything by their own is something they casually do! Let them do all the hard work and simply receive desired rewards!
  2. In Dragonflight, Solo Shuffle is firstly introduced as a rated PvP activity. Meta is changing every season, and the appearance of the new class, Evoker, will shake it even more. Even if a player knows his class well, seasonal changes are alway a stress, especially in a context with little to no coordination. Our boosters know exactly how to play alone, and with their PvP experience through expansions, they are cool with meta changings and new classes. Let them do all the hard work and simply receive desired rewards!
  3. Carrying every round that doesn’t depend on you completely is stressful, so achieving your goal fast may take a lot of precious time. Want to receive the best prizes at the beginning of the season and forget about Solo Shuffle? Boosters won’t stop until the task is done!

Solo Shuffle Ladder

Don’t worry if your class or spec falls out of meta, any character can get the best results in good skilled hands!


Rogues have always been one of the best PvP classes during all WoW history. The only thing that changes every expansion is which spec is meta, and which one is not so good. In Dragonflight, Rogues have been balanced and now are available for all playable races, so we are expecting a lot of gamers to switch their main characters to this class.

  1. The main peculiarity of Subtly spec is the Shadowy Duel which, along with good rotation and DPS, can result in easy one shot wins. The only problem in the beginning of Dragonflight PvP for this spec is that the Kidney shot was nerfed a little, and there are some new trinkets, which reduce CC debuffs. It is possible that they are going to be upgraded in the next patches, but for now we would place Subtly on B-tier.
  2. Any small mispositioning of the enemy healer makes it an easy target for Assasination rogue because of the amount of CC and killing CC skills. They are also pretty good at surviving, which is essential in Solo Shuffle, since the round ends with the death of any teammate. Still, when someone like Demon Hunter uses AOE spells and breaks blindness, it becomes really complicated to bring it back, and rogue becomes an easy target himself. For this particular reason, with the specifics of Solo Shuffles, this spec can be rated as A-tier.
  3. Outlaws are a little slower than other specs, which defines a lot on Solo Shuffles. However, the huge advantage of this spec is the amount of defensive skills to survive more during PvP. In conclusion, Outlaw works good when it’s not targeted by an enemy team and has a teammate that survives at least a little better. The final mark of that spec is B-tier.

Death Knight

Surprisingly, Death Knight is one of the best DPS classes on Solo Shuffles in Dragonflight.

  1. Frost DK is an A-Tier with insane damage, survivability and crazy amounts of buildups- Howling Blast, Frost Strike, mix of those and many others! FDKs have a lot of CC, 2 AOE stuns , damage, interrupts, which is overwhelming and needs a lot of concentration. Remember, our boosters are always ready to help with any class!
  2. Blood DKs are a D-Tier, not the best choice for Solo Shuffles. Damage or healing are not enough to affect carry and win it.
  3. Unholy DK is even better than Frost, it’s A+-Tier! There is more damage and Unholies are better in defense. Some classes can dispel diseases and curses, but the other buildups are also available, so trying DK is really worth this season!


Priests are usually great in both DPS and healing spec. We highly recommend choosing this class to enjoy any content. Of course, casters are harder to carry Solo Shuffle with, so contact us to boost your Priest fast and easy!

  1. Disc priests are on A-Tier, because they have a good DPS, that is sometimes enough to win a round. Countering a Disc priest usually makes the other team play more defensive, which results in smaller DPS of the whole team. They also have good CC, CD and mass-spell. There will be some new interesting buildups for this spec, and make it even better.
  2. Holy Priests can be placed on B-Tier, just because they are not as good as Discipline are. They heal nicely, but the moment Holy is in CC- there is almost nothing to do. There is also less damage from Holy Priests, but self-defense and overall healing are good enough for a B-Tier during boosts.
  3. Shadow Priests are really hard to kill. They are very flexible, have a lot of damage, utility, and are the best ranged spec to play against triple melee teams. Gamers that play Shadow can choose between casting and instance builds, which are equally great, so they are definitely A+-Tier. Some additional buffs may even make them an S-Tier class in Dragonflight Solo Shuffle carries.


Druids are oftenly on the top of both PvP and PvE meta. Though, since it’s the beginning of Dragonflight, some of druid specs are overpowered, and may be balanced really soon. The current tier list of specs looks like this:

  1. Feral druids are really great melee DPS with good bursts, cleave, and survivability. We put it in A+ tier, because some situations require Freals to go into bear form, which is not so good and doesn’t perform much DPS. Still, it is really hard to carry a round against this spec because of CC resists, so let our boosters deal with it, if you’re tired from Ferals against you!
  2. Balance druids have good advantages, like unbreakable CCs and powerful attacks. Though, there are some moments when boomkins need to take pause and can’t perform great DPS during carry. Because of that and in comparison with other druid specs, Balance speciality is placed in B-Tier.
  3. Restoration druid is definitely an A-Tier healer. Their mobility is crazy and makes them undefeatable for most of their enemies. One of the best burst healing among the other classes, mobility, healing during CC, and ability of performing some damage are the signs of a decent spec!
  4. Guardian druid is an A-Tier tank, but overall Ferals are much better, so if you consider playing during- picking other specs is highly recommended.


Evoker is a new class with unique mechanics. It only has 2 specializations, which look pretty good on Solo Shuffles at the moment. As we all know, when Blizzard adds a new class, it usually is really strong. The last added class, Demon Hunter, is still on the top of PvE and PvP ladders, so we are expecting Evoker to be just as good as DHs.

  1. Preservation is currently the best healer for Solo Shuffle carries, S-Tier, and the only reason why other healers are A-Tier and lower. They have both damage and healing on point, they can move allies to the safe spot, which is important for positions, and are the most mobile heal spec in WoW. Certainly, Preservation Evokers are going to be a problem on Solo Shuffles carries, so our boosters are training everyday to perform the best services!
  2. Devastation Evokers are not as good as the other spec, only B-Tier, but they still have some one-shot burst damage that is fun. The only problem is that it’s easy to predict that tactic and counter it for the enemy team, so players need to know positioning for performing good DPS.


Warriors have a very noticeable difference between specialities. Depending on spec, this class can be either very good or very bad. Of course, a lot depends on the skill, but there are some reasons that make particular spec worse. But don’t be sad! PlayCarry has an individual approach for each character, and we will make sure to perform a good boost for everyone.

  1. Fury warriors are generally good, they’re A-Tier. They have good defenses, stuns, mobility and CC. The only reason why Furies are A-Tier- Havoc DHs have all of that, but better. Fury warriors are one of the best options for Solo Shuffle carries, just a little weaker in comparison.
  2. Protection Warrior has some nice damage and defenses, but it’s more average than good. It is mostly hard to perform well during Solo Shuffle carries, so it’s a B-Tier.
  3. Sadly, Arms Warrior is not going to be great in the beginning of Dragonflight. For some reason, they are fixed and nerfed, and their damage is not as great as possible. PvP modifiers completely ruined Fatality and bleeds, which are great damage dealing skills, and made Arms weaker. There are possibilities of good damage though, and we hope this spec is going to be upgraded soon, so it’s probably a B-Tier for now.

Demon Hunter.

  1. It is clear that Havoc Demon Hunters are S-tier on Solo Shuffle. Overall, DHs are one of the best characters for any PvP content, but Solo Shuffles are exceptionally great. The mobility, CC and defensives they have are essential on short 3v3 shuffles, since they end really fast. DPS Demon hunters can easily kill the enemy healer and survive a lot of damage, so they are pretty nice teammates. Still, performing good damage on high ratings of Solo Shuffle requires decent PvP skills, which all of our boosters have! Boosting DH is fast and easy, so be sure to receive the best results in no-time!
  2. Vengeance DH, on the other hand, is a D-Tier. It is really not a nice character for Solo Shuffle, and we recommend switching to Havoc for carrying it.


Paladins are a controversial class. Players have different opinions on palas, and while one part of the community says it’s great and has to be nerfed, the others are saying it needs to be upgraded due to being weak. Here is our opinion on paladins:

  1. Retribution Paladins have so many good defenses, so A+-Tier is deserved. Shields are great and can save palas easily, DPS is also great. The problem is that Retries are bound to one single bild, which is good, but it’s better not to change it.
  2. Holy Paladins are close to B-Tier Holy Priests, they both have some good healing and not-so-good DPS on Solo Shuffles. Ultimate sacrifice is really helpful, but it is important to know when to use it correctly. Those palas are most likely to be changed during Dragonflight, because they can do much better.
  3. Protection Paladins are mostly considered as a healer, even though it’s a tank spec. It’s not really great on Solo Shuffle carries tho, so we marked it as C-Tiers spec.


Mages are mostly good on Solo Shuffle carries, the only problem is that this activity is mostly oriented on melee classes. Still, picking a mage is a good choice for players who know tactics and positioning against any comp. Besides, there is a big difference in each spec, so make sure to start training on the right one, or simply leave it to our boosters!

  1. Unfortunately, Fire mage is not a good spec for Solo Shuffle carries, since its combat and defense are dispellable. Attacks are very local and avoidable, some mobile classes can easily escape them. Comburst tactic is good, but the whole team needs to be ready for that, which is achievable on arenas, but hard on Solo Shuffles. Of course, there are good Fireblast setups which do decent damage, they require casting without interruption though. We don’t recommend Fire mages on Solo shuffles, it’s D-Tier, but worry not, you still can get rewards for your mages with the help of our boosting teammates!
  2. Arcane mages perform good carries with their burst damage. It’s a meta speciality, A-Tier, with a lot of possible buildups and great mobility. This spec is one of the best options from Ranged DPS. Playing against them is going to be painful, but our boosters are ready to carry matches against any class and spec!
  3. Frost Mages are also good, but it is the hardest spec to control. Players need good skill to perform good CC and damage on any Frost build, and the enemy team of 3 melees can ruin it completely. Ranked as B-tier, Frosts still can do better, if carried by a skilled boosting teammate!


There is not a lot to say about Monks. Many players enjoy all 3 specs and perform really well. This is not one of the characters that is good by itself, and without a good skill monks are rather useless. PlayCarry PvP boosters mastered all Monk specs a long time ago, so contact us to achieve any of your goals!

  1. Windwalker is one of those classes which are either really great or weak, there is no in between. It depends a lot on the person that is carrying Solo Shuffle runs,so with our skilled boosting teammates this B-Tier DPS spec can become a solid A+!
  2. Brewmaster is a tank spec, and almost all tanks are not really good on Solo Shuffle. They’re a D-spec at the moment, but our boosters are observing the situation, and Blizzard may upgrade them in further Dragonflight patches.
  3. Mistweavers are A+- Tier, since they are the most passive healers in game. It works really great on Solo Shuffle boosts without a lot of communication and tactics. This spec is usually enough to win a round, so if there is a professional booster behind the Mistweavers,it will be really easy.


  1. Elemental shaman is a B-Tier, since like some other casters, it has many difficulties with triple melee teams. Elementals can perform decent DPS and affect a carry a lot, but they require a lot of skill for it.
  2. Restoration Shaman almost like Holy Priest on Solo Shuffle carry. Utility and damage is great, defenses are not really powerful, so B-Tier it is.
  3. Enhancement shaman is not popular, but we think it definitely should be! A-Tier because of insane healing+damage builds and utility. Different buildups allow Enchs to be either more ranged or melee with delivering great DPS.


Warlocks are going to be really good characters to carry Solo Shuffles. What’s really important for all specs is that there should be few builds for different situations on shuffles, and this is essential for all Ranged DPS players.

  1. Affliction Warlocks are not only good because of self healing, but also many players simply don’t know how to defeat Afflics with Dark Pacts and great damage. Still, we’d place them as A+-tier, since playing against some melee classes, like Restoration Shamans is going to be challenging. Grounding Totem and Wind Shear are going to be difficult to overcome, so feel free to start your boost with PlayCarry and make it easy!
  2. The situation is even better for Demonologs, since their stuns and CC don’t have a common CD and can be used at the same time, and they are basically easier to carry with than Afflics or Destruction Warlocks. If a skilled Demonology Warlock targets another character, it is highly possible that the match ends soon. Warlocks overall are not really a popular class, so most of the gamers don’t understand their tactics, which makes this spec S-tier.
  3. The hardest spec is Destruction. It is going to be really tough to carry Solo Shuffle with them, because it requires full concentration and knowing every next move during each round. To be honest, there is not a big amount of boosters that main this spec, but PlayCarry has enough of them for each Destro character! The difficulty makes Destruction Warlocks A-Tier, and our boosters can perform S-Tier easily during Solo Shuffle carries!


  1. MM is a debatable spec, but from our experience- it’s A-Tier. Damage is enough to make Solo Shuffle work, MMs are hard to stun, and it can one-shot with correct tactic and positioning.
  2. Survival Hunters are good DPS, but not the greatest. It is definitely ahead of Outlaw or Arms. Damage is very good, though defense is weak. Survival spec can’t protect itself enough, which is essential for Solo Shuffle, so it’s probably a B-Tier.
  3. BM hunter is C-Tier, mostly because of the same reason as Survival. BM just doesn’t have enough damage and CC as other hunter specs, and in comparison we’d place them as C-Tier.
    In the end, we would like to remind you that the most important thing for any class is the ability to use it and knowledge of mechanics. No matter where the spec is in the meta, any character can be boosted or carried with a good gear and a skilled player. Buy PlayCarry Solo Shuffle boost right now and get the desired result quickly and reliably!


How to queue for solo shuffle

Queueing for Solo Shuffle is similar to LfG and LfR dungeons and raids, but in the Rated PvP tab. Just like in LfR, there is a requirement for minimum ilvl. Lacking gear on your character, but want to try it? Contact our support team to help you prepare for Solo Shuffle boost and farm the needed ilvl!

Can you queue Solo Shuffle as team?

No, it’s Solo queue only. This is the main idea of that content, to randomize the process as much as possible.

Are titles available for Solo Shuffle?

Sure thing, just like any other rated PvP activity, it gives unique titles, like Soloist, for example.

How to win Solo Shuffle?

A WoW player needs to win 3+ rounds of Solo Shuffle to win. There are 6 rounds overall, during which teammates are tossed with each other. The more rounds you win- the more conquests are granted.

Solo Shuffle Boost
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