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Solo Shuffle Boost


Solo Shuffle is a rated PvP activity in World of Warcraft that players can purchase on PlayCarry site. In the previous expansion, Solo Shuffle was weakly rewarded, but in Dragonflight it has finally become rated with valuable prizes! From now on, after buying Solo Shuffle boost, gamers receive more Conquest points, titles, seasonal Vicious mount points, rewards from the Great Vault, and other rating rewards.

After the success of non-rated Solo Shuffles in World of Warcraft, Blizzard admitted that it helped them collect important data, features, and solve many problems with the single queue system. Entering any rated PvP activity without premade-parties was impossible, but now WoW gamers can queue by their own and achieve their goals without any help! But how to earn maximum possible profit from the Solo Shuffles in Dragonflight with small PvP experience? PlayCarry has an answer!

The vast teams of PlayCarry boosters are working everyday to help WoW players with fulfilling any demand in both PvP and PvE. Lacking the knowledge of certain classes in PvP? Don’t like the mechanics, but want some rewards? Solo Shuffle carries are getting more and more popular after the appearance of rating, so don’t miss your chance to be among the first players who earned new titles and rewards!

WoW Solo Shuffle Rating Boosting

Due to the specificness of Solo Shuffle, it is only possible to carry in Piloted boost mode. Unlike a lot of other services, we are honest with our customers: account sharing boosts are always a little risky. Despite this, our boosters do their best to make carries as safe as possible. They never communicate with anyone in the live-chat and keep your character invisible for guildmates and friends. The safest VPN is also provided.

Process of piloted boost is very simple:

  1. Check and decide which Solo Shuffle service exactly you want to try. We need to know the certain needed rating or wins amount, the desired title, etc. Having troubles with deciding the best one? Worry not, contact 24/7 online managers in live-chat on our boosting site to receive professional advice and recommendations. All of our stuff, even operators, have performed boosts themselves, so their consultations are personalized and valid.
  2. Purchase the wanted carry.
  3. Describe your character’s class, faction and ilvl to the chat, or simply link armory. This is important to select the best booster for a particular class.
  4. After the managers have booked a booster, the account sharing process will start. Remember, we only need a login and password, nothing more. Let our operators know it with your location for VPN and share an account with the booster.
  5. Wait until you are notified that the boost is done. ETA is different for every order, and may depend on gear or spec. Each service has an approximate time of completion on its page.
    Please make sure not to log in during the boost! It makes the carry longer due to Deserter debuff (since Dragonflight, the time of debuff gets longer each time a player quits mid-round), and the risks of Blizzard checking the account get higher.
  6. Enjoy the results of the fulfilled carry!

World of Warcraft Solo Shuffle Rewards

Just like every other rated PvP content, Solo Shuffles will now provide a lot of good and unique rewards. For example, players can farm their Vicious saddles and mounts without spending time on looking for a good PvP team. That’s why any Solo Shuffle boost grants you some decent progress on obtaining it! Besides that, farming Conquests and Honor is now possible on Solo Shuffles as well, so this is also a good addition for a carry.

There are plenty of achievements for participating and winning Solo Shuffle. Some of them result in obtaining unique rewards! Here are some examples of obtainable achievements :

Reward Amount of round
Solo Aspirations 15
Solely Motivated 50
Steadfast Soloist 150
Sole Survivor 15 wins
Successful Solos 50 wins
Supreme Soloist 150 wins

Supreme Soloist is rewarded with the title Soloist. Also, similar to Gladiator on Arena, and Hero of the Horde/Alliance on RBGs, there is a reward for reaching 0,5% of the Ladder and winning 50 more games on that rating. This rewards an amazing title Crimson Soloist. Our boosters can easily perform this kind of carry and let your character show off those results!

Solo Shuffle Boost
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