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RBG Rating Boost


Rated Battlegrounds are the latest addition to a ranked PvP in Shadowlands added in Warlords of Draenor. Essentially this is a 10v10 battle between a premade group of players. It gives more conquest and honor per win but takes longer as well. Which means that the cost of the mistake is higher in RBG’s. We’ll make sure that no mistakes will be made, therefore saving a lot of your time and helping you get some new gear or improve your current one.

Available for all classes and factions. ETA for the boost will differ depending on the rating you’ve selected.

Rated Battlegrounds carry rewards:

  • Whatever rating you have picked up to 2400
  • Elite PvP achievements like High Warlord for Horde and Grand Marshall for Alliance
  • Great deal of honor and conquest during the boost
  • Ability to upgrade your gear up to whatever rating you’ve picked
WoW RBG Rating Boost
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