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Full PvP Gear Boost


Getting a Full PvP gear is not an easy task. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a Full PvP gear boost you’ll have a high ilvl PvP set in no time at all.

We can do all 9 ranks of PvP items, most of them are available in self played mode, some – only in piloted. No class / faction / spec / ilvl restrictions. ETA will depend on what ilvl or rank of your pvp set you are looking to get at the end.

Full PvP gear Boost rewards:

  • Full PvP set of ilvl of your choosing
  • Arena rating based on what ilvl or rank of your PvP set you’ve chose
  • Various PvP related achievements such as “Three’s Company”
WoW PvP Boost
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Full PvP Gear Boost
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