PvP Arena Coaching

Looking to get better at PvP? Need help with your positioning, rotation, cooldowns usage, macros, talents, etcetera? Want to learn new setups or how to play against specific classes? Or just sick of playing with noobs and want to play with a Rank1 players to push your rating to the limit? You’ve come to the right place.

We got tons of different setups, every class, spec and role are suitable for coaching, no exceptions. Available for both Horde and Alliance, EU and US servers, new and experienced players. Your current rating does not matter.

Arena Coaching rewards:

  • Priceless experience
  • Learn from the best players out there
  • Help with the macros, keybinds, UI setup etcetera
  • Bunch of honor and conquest points earned during your games
WoW Arena Coaching
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