WoW Gladiator Boost

Gladiator. The best of the best. The most prestigious PvP title in World of Warcraft. And for a reason. In order to get this one, you not only need to reach 2400 rating in the 3v3 arena bracket but to get 50 wins on top of that, without losing your 2400 rating as well. A task worthy of its name, but nothing our guys can’t handle.

We are able to do every class every spec in the game in piloted mode. Your faction or server does not matter. The better your PvP gear is, the faster we’ll conduct the gladiator carry.

Gladiator Boost rewards:

  1. The “Gladiator” title itself
  2. 2400+ rating in 3v3 arena bracket
  3. Tons of honor and conquest points farmed along the way
  4. Seasonal Gladiator mount
  5. Elite PvP set for transmogrification
  6. Three’s Company: 2400 achievement
WoW Gladiator
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