Jailer's Gauntlet

Jailer’s Gauntlet, another new feature of patch 9.2. Different and potentially very interesting mode to Torghast. It’s somewhat more reminiscent of Twisting Corridors than of the current Torghast wings. 8 layers with 8 floors in them, with each layer harder than the last one. We are offering to carry you through the whole thing quickly and easily, so you could collect new cosmetic rewards and a new epic ground mount.

ETA for the boost is 1-2 days.

Jailer’s Gauntlet rewards:

  • Colossal Ebonclaw Mawrat mount
  • Dominated Hearthstone toy
  • Lightless Tormentor pet
  • “Gauntlet Runner” title
  • Bunch of achievements for completing Jailer’s Gauntlet layers
WoW Jailer's Gauntlet
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