Colossal Soulshredder Mawrat

Colossal Soulshredder Mawrat – one of the newest epic ground mounts added in patch 9.2 “Eternity’s End”. This unique Mawrat is a reward for completing “Flawless Master (Layer 16)” achievement, new achievement from Torghast, also added in patch 9.2. Getting a flawless run on Layer 16 is not an easy thing to do, let alone doing all 6 of them. Luckily, we are here to make sure you’ll succeed.
Standard ETA for the boost is 3-4 weeks, based on the wing’s rotation cycle.

Colossal Soulshredder Mawrat carry rewards:

  • Colossal Soulshredder Mawrat mount itself
  • “Flawless Master (Layer 16)” achievement along with lesser achievements for completing different wing of Torghast on layer 16
  • Huge amount of Soul Ash and Soul Cinders
  • Tons of Tower Knowledge
WoW Colossal Soulshredder Mawrat
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