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Adamant Vaults


Adamant Vaults is a newest addition to Torghast, designed to make your run harder but to give you better rewards as well. You won’t get any extra Soul cinders or Soul Ash but you’ll have a chance to get your hands on some cool looking transmogs, toys, pets, extra Tower Knowledge, and rare conduit upgrade once a week. Getting the privilege to enter the Adamant Vault is not an easy task however, and you can only do it on layers 8 or higher. We’d like to offer you our help to guarantee you not only a way into the Vault itself but a successful completion of it.

ETA is around 15-60 minutes, depending on your order.

Adamant Vault rewards:

  • Fast Torghast run with a 5 starts result to unlock the Adamant Vault
  • Adamant Vault completion
  • Adamant Vault Achievement
  • Extra Tower Knowledge
  • Chane to loot an epic conduit upgrade once a week
  • Unique Adamant Vault pets, toys and transmogs
Adamant Vaults
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Adamant Vaults
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