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Twisting Corridors


Twisting Corridors are basically “Hardmode Torghast”. Made for players seeking cosmetic rewards. No Soul Ash or Soul Cinders will be found there. 8 layers, 18 floors on each layer, 3 bosses every 6 floors. On a bright side floors are typically smaller than they used to be in regular Thorghast. Why bother doing if there are no Soul Ash or Cinders I hear you ask? Well for the transmog, pets, title and mounts of course. Come with us and we’ll show you where and how to get all of that.

ETA is 1-2 days, depending on how many layers you want to do.

Twisting Corridors rewards:

  • Death Seeker pet
  • Helm of the Dominated toy
  • “Spirestalker” title
  • Corridor creeper mount
  • Bunch of “Twisting Corridors” achievement for completing each layer
Twisting Corridors
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Twisting Corridors
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