Shadowlands Leveling 50-60

If you are sick of doing the Maw prequest and saving Anduin and Jaina for the 10th time, or just don’t like leveling in general we can offer you an easy solution – let us do the leveling for you. Not only can we do the leveling for you, but we can also start leveling your covenant renown level, if you have Threads of Fate unlocked on your account.

ETA is 12-48 hours, depending on what mode you’ll pick.

Shadowlands leveling 50-60 rewards:

  1. Ready for action level 60 character of your choosing
  2. Progress towards your Renown level if you have Threads of Fate unlocked
  3. All gold and rare or valuable items we pick during the leveling
Shadowlands Leveling 50-60
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