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Jailer Kill

Main antagonist of the Shadowlands expansion. The one who were causing problems on Azeroth long before we even heard of him. Final boss of the Sepulcher of the First Ones, Zovaal, The Jailer himself. Available for killing now in a Fated version of SotFO Heroic. Join our professional raid group, and we’ll make it look easy.

Available on both Horde and Alliance, all servers, EU and US. Normal, Heroic and Mythic (only EU servers) 

Zovaal, The Jailer kill rewards: 

  1. Fast and easy Fated Jailer kill on chosen difficulty
  2. Chance to get up to 298 ilvl items
  3. Guaranteed weekly vault rewards of insanely high ilvl, based on difficulty
Jailer Kill World of Warcraft

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Jailer Kill
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