Gearing (Item Level Boost)

WoW Item Level Boost is a World of Warcraft Gearing Service that allows players to increase character’s PvE or PvP equipment ilvl. Skip routine questing, wipes in Mythic+ Dungeons and Raids. Buy WoW ilvl gear boost to get your character fully prepared for the end-game content.

Item Level Boost Rewards:

  • Desired ilvl on your champion specialization;
  • Achievements and currencies;
  • Possibility to select between PvE and PvP equipment;
  • Mythic+ or Arena Rating;
  • Great Vault weekly reward;

Item Level Boost is a great choice for fresh-leveled characters. Don’t have enough time to complete gearing on your second champion or want to try a new class in the Dragonflight WoW expansion? With WoW ilvl carry, it’s not a problem anymore!

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