Zereth Mortis Flying Unlock (Pathfinder)

Zereth Mortis is a new zone added in patch 9.2 “Eternity’s End”. In order to learn how to fly in Zereth Mortis on your flying mounts you will have to decipher the First Ones code and get “Cyphers of the First Ones” achievement. We are offering our help with how to unlock flying in zereth mortis, saving tons of your time and efforts.

ETA for the boost is around 2 weeks.

Zereth Mortis Flying unlocking service rewards:

  1. Ability to fly in Zereth Mortis zone
  2. “Cyphers of the First Ones” achievement
  3. Unlocking Cypher of the First Ones and getting access to first 4 traits
  4. Cypher of the First Ones currency
  5. Learning First Ones language and symbols to talk to Automa
Zereth Mortis Flying Unlock (Pathfinder)
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