Vault of the Incarnates Heroic

Vault of the Incarnates Heroic Boosting is a new Heroic Sanctum raid carry service, introduced in WoW Dragonflight Season 1. Can’t find a team with suitable RT? Tired of PUGs wiping on every boss and quitting in the middle of the raid? Want a quick loot carry without paying too much attention? PlayCarry raid boost teams with multi-expansional practice in raiding are at your service!

Vault of the Incarnates was added in World of Warcraft recently, so many players and teams are just starting their way on learning tactics. Meanwhile, our skilled boosters have already mastered all bosses’ mechanics and are ready to carry your character any day! What are the advantages of using PlayCarry heroic sanctum (HC) raid services? Finishing heroic raids without any hardships, any experience or knowledge needed, and, of course, with receiving as much loot as possible

Buy Vault of the Incarnates Heroic Sanctum Carries on EU and US

PlayCarry offers various ways to complete heroic Vault of the Incarnates carry. We understand that different players have different goals and ideas, so we are ready to fulfill any custom order. Heroic raid carries are available multiple times daily, so feel free to check the most convenient time slot.

Additional options

  • 9/10 bosses option is helpful for players needing a specific piece of gear from any boss, except the last one. Price of this option is significantly smaller, so this is a good way to try our services for the first time. Practice all new mechanics with our teams, this will be enough to guide or even create your own team. Need just a few certain bosses? It is possible to create a run with any amount. Let our managers know your demands, and they will tell a final price and the nearest possible slot.
  • 10/10 is basically a full heroic Vault of the Incarnates run. Everything is really simple- we kill all bosses, you receive BiS PvE loot and a lot of achievements: Caverns of Infusion, Fury of the Storm, The Primal Bulwark, Ahead of the Curve: Raszageth the Storm Eater, etc. Be among the first players who defeated all bosses in Vault of the Incarnates in WoW Dragonflight!
  • PvE bundles, like Mythic dungeons boosting, are a useful complement to a heroic raid carry. Raid bundle is a great opportunity to buy 2+ services at a cheaper price. Purchase your perfect heroic Vault of the Incarnates boost, and receive decent rewards from any dungeon to increase your character’s power as much as possible!

Loot options

It was recently revealed that Group loot system is back in Dragonflight. That means, all dropped items, except professional reagents, are rolled among teammates with Need & Greed UI popping up. Some players are happy about it, some aren’t, but we know exactly what to do!

We offer additional loot options for all types of gear. Choosing this option with Heroic Sanctum boost adds a certain amount of traders with needed armor type (plate, mail, leather, or cloth) to your carry. This greatly increases chances of getting items specifically for your class, and added traders will give you everything they obtained after the carry.

Loot optionItems

Cheap Boosts in Heroic VotI Raid

In Dragonflight, developers decided to upgrade all raid loot mechanics a little because of heavy criticism of Personal loot. Not only Group loot was added, but there are also a lot of new features players will encounter in upcoming raids.

  1. From now, there won’t be any restrictions on trading gear. In previous expansions, players couldn’t give away received items with higher ilvl than they have, but now it’s removed.
  2. There are 3 stages of item level within the same difficulty level. For example, here is the level of gear from heroic Vault of the Incarnates:
    Eranog; Terros; The Primal Council; Sennarth, The Cold Breath402
    Dathea, Ascended; Kurog Grimtotem408
    Broodkeeper Diurna; Raszageth the Storm-Eater.411
  3. Some bosses contain 1 unique piece of gear that is 6-7 levels higher than the other things from that battle and has a special appearance. For example, a bow from Raszageth: Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky, or a Whispering Incarnate Icon trinket from The Primal Council, that increases your main stat. Drop chances for those items are lower, but you can always start farming them with our raid boosters!
  4. Raid trash will no longer drop BoE items, but it is still possible to get them from the new “Lieutenant” mini-bosses. Run heroic Vault of the Incarnates boost with PlayCarry teams, obtain BoE gear, and sell it on auction for a decent amount of gold! That’s an excellent way to become rich in WoW, especially since getting those items is possible every week.

Heroic Vault of the Incarnates Boosts Schedule

Appearance of cross-faction PvE content allowed us to schedule even more heroic raid boosts every day! Merging our powerful boosting teams made the runs faster than ever, so now they can carry any tier of Vault of the Incarnates without a problem. Here is the amount of Heroic sanctum Vault of the Incarnates runs through the week:


Contact our operators in 24/7 online chat to check the nearest available boost and book it! Support team will gladly answer any of your questions and help you create a perfect personal heroic Vault of the Incarnates boost.


How much is a Heroic Vault of the Incarnates Carry?

Price of Heroic Vault of the Incarnates boost depends on the options you need. For example, a small amount of bosses is cheaper than the full carry, personal loot run costs less than 8-19+ additional items run, etc. PlayCarry operators can help check the final price, so just contact them if you are curious!

How many items will I get?

The amount of loot mostly depends on your luck. With the return of Need & Greed system, getting items is randomized even more than it was before. But with our additional options, you can always increase the amount of possible loot for your character, and your traders make sure to give everything they get to you.

When will you start my run?

Boost starting time depends on whether there are free slots available when you are ready. Contact our managers in live chat to find out when the next heroic Vault of the Incarnates is. Also, please note that slots with traders may take a little longer since we will need to pick teammates with a specific type of armor and no cooldown. But don’t worry, with the number of boosters we have, starting a carry won’t take long, even with the highest amount of additional items!

Vault of the Incarnates Heroic
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