Covenant Renown

Covenants were introduced in Shadowlands. Basically, it’s a 4 different faction, relevant to the storyline and that are able to help you out on your quest to defeat Zovaal, the Jailer. But before they do that they’ll require you to gain their trust by grinding so caller Renown level. Getting to a max level of 80 might take ages for some players, that’s why we are offering our help with this grind.

Covenant Renown farm rewards:

  1. Up to 80 levels of Renown with a Covenant of your choosing
  2. Covenant special buffs
  3. Covenant Soulbinds upgrades
  4. Covenant special ground and flying mounts
  5. Themed Armor transmogrification sets
  6. World quests rewards upgrade for reaching level 30, 61 and 75 level of renown
  7. Honor PvP set upgrades
Covenant Renown
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