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The Ohr’ahran Trail


The Ohr’ahran Trail in World of Warcraft is an achievement added to the game in Dragonflight expansion. Players must defend Clan Aylaag in between all 3 of their camps. Caravans in between camps are seems to be moving every 3 days.

Quick guide and tips.

You’ll need Renown level 4 with Maruuk Centaurs to unlock Aylaag camps. To check the timer on them mouse over the camp. When the timer runs out the Cenario will begin. You will have to escort the crew between camps. This even is not soluble, you’ll need a decent group to beat it. Each one takes about 15 minutes. Your objective is to complete the full road between 3 encampments.

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The Ohr’ahran Trail
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The Ohr’ahran Trail
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