Love Magnet

Love Magnet in World of Warcraft MMORPG game is an achievement tied to Love is in the Air seasonal WoW event and the criteria for the Love fool title. Players will need to get 10 Love Rays effects active on them at the same time. Rays are produced by an item called Manufactured Love Prism, which you can only buy from a specific NPC during the event.
Love Magnet achievement also has 2 follow-ups: “Beacon of Love” and “ They Really Love Me!”. The number of effects are increased to 25 and 50 respectively.

Quick guide and tips: This part can be done solo. Manufactured Love Prism costs 40 Love Tokens and has 50 charges. Buff lasts for 5 minutes and the cooldown on the Prism is 30 seconds, casting 10 buffs on yourself will not be a problem.


  • Love Magnet achievement completed
  • 10 collection points

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Love Magnet
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