Iceblood Deathsnare

Iceblood Deathsnare is an epic trinket item that drops in Vault of the Incarnates raid from Sennarth, The Cold Breath with a 7,31% drop rate. This World of Warcraft trinket is useful for caster game classes like mage, warlock, priest, druid during the Dragonflight Season 1.

Item’s unique active ability – Crystalline Web. Ability deals 24,539-49,274 damage to an enemy and slows down all the targets nearby by 15%. First attack you deal to the rooted enemies hits all of them on 1,293-2,148 damage.

Option: Ilvl Main stat Damage
LFR 376 311 26,767
Normal 389 351 28,878
Heroic 402 397 35,509
Mythic 415 448 43,369


By buying this service you will get a full Vault of the Incarnates Raid in personal loot, so you have a chance to obtain WoW Iceblood Deathsnare trinket during the boost. Select a raid difficulty and a number of runs you want to start with. We’ll book your slot in the nearest available raid!

  • Full VotI Raid Run – 8/8 bosses in desired difficulty mode;
  • Possibility to loot lots of 389-424 ilvl gear;
  • Achievements;
  • A chance to obtain gear from Class Tier;


  1. Level 70 reached on WoW character;
  2. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion;
  3. Active game subscription;
  4. 2-3 hours to complete the run;
Iceblood Deathsnare

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Iceblood Deathsnare
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