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SoD Full Gear

Sanctum of Domination has the best gear available when it comes to PvE. Domination armor, weapons, Shards, and even a legendary Bow for Hunters. But with the new Shadowlands nerfs to a raiding loot, the amount of loot you can get from one run has been decreased. Luckily item trading is still available, and that’s where we come in.

Full SoD gear in every slot sounds good does it? Well, we can get you exactly that and a lot faster as well.

The whole boost itself might take a few weeks, depending on our luck and difficulty of the raid selected.

Sanctum of Domination Full Gear rewards:

  • Multiple full and partial SoD runs
  • All item slots from SoD raid dungeon
  • Multiple Sanctum of Domination achievements
  • Several weekly vault rewards to choose from for weeks to come
WoW sanctum of domination full gear
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SoD Full Gear
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