Aberrus Mythic Boost

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Mythic Carry is the best way for characters to boost WoW raid item level with the BiS gear during the Dragonflight Season 2. This service is the hardest PvE challenge players face in the World of Warcraft game patch Embers of Neltharion. But at the same time, Mythic Aberrus raid difficulty offers gamers 441-454 ilvl rewards.

Aberrus Mythic boost includes from 3 to 9 boss raid fights. Players can select various loot options and the number of items they want to receive from the run. The highest number of items customers can buy as guaranteed raid loot is 4 armor or weapon pieces. To bring more rewards after the boss fights, we add 19 professional boosters that will do the majority of the work and gear trading


Aberrus Mythic runs are available only on specific game realms before the Dragonflight Season 2 World First race is finished. It means that the service may require a character transfer.


Aberrus Mythic, like previous raids, will only be boosted by less than 3% of all players’ pool.

  1. Up to 4 items per full run. Buying fewer bosses will decrease the number of guaranteed items
  2. Cutting Edge Feast of Strength prestigious achievement
  3. Mythic raiding experience
  4. Lesser boss-specific achievements
  5. A chance get Aberrus Mythic mount
  6. 459 ilvl rewards from the Weekly Vault

Buy Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Mythic carry now and join the group of boosters on an epic journey through the Neltharian lab. Get a chance to receive the BiS weapons, trinkets, mount and other powerful rewards.

Aberrus Mythic Boost
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