Valor Points Farm

Valor points were introduced to Shadowlands in patch 9.0.5 and are essential to your gear progression. Without them you won’t be able to upgrade your gear. You can use them to upgrade your gear up to 246 ilvl and to do that you’ll need quite a bunch of it. With all that being said if you want to maximize your gear you would need to spend a lot of time grinding those points. Or you could get  help from one of our teams. Each completed Mythic+ run will get you 135 valor points and we’ll make sure it will be nice and easy runs.

Valor Points run includes:

  1. And exact amount of Valor points you’ve ordered
  2. Chance to get different ilvl items from the runs we’ll do with you
  3. Guaranteed weekly vault rewards with an item, which ilvl will depend on a highest Mythic+ key you’ve done this week
WoW Valor Points Farm
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