Zandalari Troll Unlock

The Zandalari Troll are the most powerful trolls tribe in all of Azeroth. Zandalari has a very rich history: they fought off the Aqir, were allies of the Mogu Empire during the reign of Lei Shen, fought the Pandarens Empire, enslaved the goblins, fought Hakkar the Soulflayer twice. With this service you have a quick and simple way to become a part of a Zandalari tribe and play as one of the Zandalari trolls. This is your definite way to know how to unlock zandalari trolls.

Carry ETA – 1 day

Zandalari Trolls unlock rewards:

  1. Zandalari Trolls playable race unlocked
  2. “Tides of Vengeance”, “Zandalar Forever!” and “Allied Races: Zandalari” achievement
  3. Zandalari Direhorn mount
Zandalari Troll Unlock
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