Who's a Good Bakar?

“Who’s a Good Bakar?” is an achievement added to World of Warcraft game with the Dragonflight expansion. It is earned by petting all 20 Bakar dogs in Ohn’ahran zone.

Quick guide and tips.

Some dogs are only spawning under certain conditions. Ellam only appears when the Aylaag Camp and caravan quest at 71.19 31.56 is active. Hugo is always traveling with them. The Troubles with Taivan quest needs to be completed for Soyoo to appear. Release the Hounds required for Fogi, Zephyr, Elaichi, Pesca and Tseg to spawn. Baba only appears after Return to Roscha is completed. /Target macro will be useful while doing “Who’s a Good Bakar” achievement. Simply add the needed name to it and spam it in the general area of where they should be.

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Who's a Good Bakar?
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