Treasures of the Waking Shores

Treasures of the Waking Shores is a new achievement added to World of Warcraft game with Dragonflight expansion. Criteria of Treasure Hunter of the Dragon Isles. It tasks players with finding all hidden chests in Waking Shores zone.

Quick guide and tips.

There are 8 different treasures players would need to find:

  1. Replica Dragon Goblet
  2. Bubble Drifter
  3. Ruby Gem Cluster
  4. Yennu’s Kite
  5. Dead Man’s Chestplate
  6. Torn Riding Pack
  7. Misty Treasure Chest
  8. Onyx Gem Cluster

To start your hunt, pick up Dragon Isles Supply Bag from Primal Proto-Drake. This will start “Finding a Treasure Hunt” quest. Buy Archeologist Artifact Notes from Cataloger Jakes NPC. This will lead you to your first treasure. 3 hunts will require you to find maps. Some of them are purchaseable from Renown rewards, and some are grindable or rewards from quests.

Ruby Gem Cluster map requires you to have 21 renown with Dragonscale expedition. Other maps might take a while to drop as well. Don’t have time or patience to farm it all? No worries, PlayCarry can do that for you with our Treasures of the Waking Shores boost. Our boosters will make sure to farm everything for you in the quickest of time, 100% safe and reliable. Act now, dont waste your time on the boring stuff.

Treasures of the Waking Shores
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