That's Pretty Neat!

That’s Pretty Neat! in World of Warcraft game is an exploration type of achievement added to WoW in Dragonflight expansion. Players are asked to take a picture using S.E.L.F.I.E. camera with 20 different birds all across Dragon Isles. As a reward for completing it, you’ll get “Birdwatcher” title.


Some of the birds are only spawning in the dungeon areas. Apex Blazewing can only be found inside Neltharius dungeon before last boss Warlord Sargha encounter. Outdoor birds can be found in multiple locations, and sometimes can even be found in groups with each other. Some creatures, like Forgotten Gryphon, will give credits even if you take a picture with their corpse. Quackers the Terrible spawn during the moving of the Aylaag Camp event.

There is a total of 20 pictures players would have to take. And less than 2% of all World of Warcraft accounts have done it. Be among them and proudly carry your “Birdwatcher” title with PlayCarry’s That’s Pretty Neat! Achievement boost. 100% safe, quick, and easy way to complete any PvE or PvP boost in WoW – our boosting services can do it all. Act now and get -10% off for your follow-up purchase.

That's Pretty Neat!
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