Zandalar Forever!

“Zandalar Forever!” is a major questline and WoW achievement in the World of Warcraft game introduced with the Battle for Azeroth expansion. To complete it, players need to finish 22 story chapters in Zuldazar, Nazmir and Vol’dun locations and the Horde campaign. Criteria of unlocking Zandalari Trolls allied race and “Two Sides of Every Tale” achievement that rewards players with Bloodflank Charger or Ironclad Frostclaw mounts.

“Zandalar Forever!” achievement revolves around the Zandalari trolls, one of the major factions in the game, and their quest to unite the empire and defend their homeland against various threats. There are 5 smaller achievements players have to complete:

  1. The Throne of Zuldazar
  2. The Dark Heart of Nazmir
  3. Secrets in the Sands
  4. A Bargin of Blood
  5. The Final Seal

Completing the “Zandalar Forever!” questline is a significant WoW achievement. It unlocks new content and rewards for characters, including access to powerful Zandalari troll allied race and unique mounts and gear. Contact us now to learn more and take your WoW gaming experience to new heights!

Zandalar Forever!
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