You Are Now Prepared!

You Are Now Prepared! in World of Warcraft game is an Legion expansion achievement that tasks players with completing Argus campaign. Criteria for unlocking Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei allied races for Alliance faction and Paragon of Argus for “the Lightbringer” title.

You are Now Prepared! is an Alliance only Achievement, Horde has its own set of tasks to unlock Highmountain Taurens and Nightborne. To start the quest chain you’ll need a character of 45 or higher level. Speak to Kadgar in Dalaran, Violet Hold, and complete Uniting the Isles quest. In BFA and Shadowlands expansions Blizzard made the process a bit easier reducing the reputation requirement for the starting quest. Once this part is finished you’ll need to complete The Hand of Fate quest and will begin your journey to Argus.

There are 3 chapters of Argus campaign:

  1. The Assault Begins
  2. Dark Awakening
  3. War of Light and Shadow

Upon completing all 3 chapters you’ll be awarded with You Are Now Prepared! achievement.

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You Are Now Prepared!
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