Kyrian Covenant Campaign Boost

Progressing in a new Covenant campaign system, introduced in Shadowlands, Is very important to your character progression overall. Without a fully completed covenant storyline, for example, you won’t be able to progress further into Korthia, or unlock Flying in Shadowlands. Our Kyrian Covenant Campaign Boost is designed to save your time while we will be doing your Kyrian Covenant Campaign instead of you.

ETA for the Kyrian Covenant Campaign completion is 6-12 hours.

Kyrian Covenant Campaign Boost rewards:

  1. Fully Completed Kyrian Covenant Campaign.
  2. Kyrian specific ground mount
  3. Up to 25 Renown levels
  4. Unique Kyrian transmogrification set
    Covenant specific abilities unlocked
Kyrian Covenant Campaign Boost
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