Chains of Domination Campaign Boost

Chains of Domination campaign is the next chapter of Shadowlands story line. Learn more about Jailer plans, Sylvanas, Bolvar, Primus and Korthia zone. It also consists of 9 chapters, during which you’ll be able to unlock Shadowlands Flying. Our Chains of Domination campaign service will get you all 9 out of 9 chapters of Korthia campaign, saving you the trouble of doing it yourself.

ETA 1 day

Chains of Domination campaign rewards:

  • All 9 out 9 chapters of Chains of Domination campaign
  • Shadowlands flying unlocked via “Memories of Sunless Skies”
  • Around 60 level of Renown gained at the end
  • Archivist’s codex unlocked
Chains of domination campaign Boost
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