The Disgruntled Hunter

The Disgruntled Hunter is a World of Warcraft exploring achievement in Dragonflight expansion. Players must find Hemet Nesingwary Jr. and help him slay his Grand Hunt. He can be found all across Dragon Isles zones.

Quick guide.

Note that the Hunter NPC might die to mobs that dwell in the area. Or a Grand Hunt beast might be dead. If you found a spot but do not see the NPC’s, stick around for a while and wait for them to respawn.

  1. Waking Shores coordinates:
    a) 42 80.64
    b) 70.74 66.46
    c) 24.53 89.13
  2. Ohn’ahran Plains:
    a) 82.46 13.92
    b) 62 54
    c) 82.87 47.82
  3. Azure Span:
    a) 36.53 34.81
    b) 68.11 23.53
    c) 69.20 49.87
  4. Thaldraszus:
    a) 34.67 65.41
    b) 50.67 45.62


  • The Disgruntled Hunter achievement completed
  • 10 collection points
  • Various rewards and currencies that might drop from slain mobs

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The Disgruntled Hunter
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