Sojourner of Azure Span

Sojourner of Azure Span in World of Warcraft game is a new explorational achievement added in WoW Dragonflight expansion. Part of a Loremaster of the Dragon Isles. Players must complete optional side-quest storylines in the Azure Span location listed above:

  1. Grimtusk Hideaway
  2. Gorloc Shore
  3. Snowhide Camp
  4. Slyvern Plunge
  5. Brackenhide Water Hole
  6. Creektooth Den
  7. Shiverweb Vale
  8. Kauriq Gleamlet
  9. Lost Ruins
  10. Ruins of Karnthar
  11. Rustpine Den
  12. Winterpelt Hollow

Quick guide: The best way to go about it is to complete all the quests alongside the Dragonflight main storyline. Few of the side-quests are harder to find than the rest. Creektooth Den one starts with NPC Gnoll Mon-Ark, coordinates 16.25 20.89. Kauriq Gleamlet: NPC name is Ruriq, 44.75 50.64.


  • Sojourner of Azure Span completed
  • 120 achievement points
  • Pets, toys, customization options for Renewed Proto-drake and Windborne Velocidrake
  • A good chunk of reputation for Dragonflight factions

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Sojourner of Azure Span
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