Secrets in the Sands

Secrets in the Sands in World of Warcraft MMORPG video game is an Horde specific achievement from BFA expansion. To complete it, players would have to finish Vol’dun zone storyline. It is a criteria of a multiple other tasks, such as Vulpera allied race unlock, Zandalar Forever! and Loremaster of Zandalar achievements.

Quick guide and tips.

Full Vol’dun location storyline includes 7 chapters:

  1. Unlikely Allies
  2. Dangers in the Desert
  3. The Warguard’s Fate
  4. A City of Secrets
  5. The Three Keepers
  6. Storming the Spire
  7. Atul’Aman

Princess Talanji start’s the chain after you’ve selected the correct zone. You’d have to complete 80 quests and 7 chapters in total. Vol’dun zone has a huge amount of sidequests not in any way related to the main story so you can skip those.

Secrets in the Sands is a criteria for many other achievements and Vulpera allied race unlock. If you’ve played BFA expansion and left Vol’dun zone without finishing it, you might run into problems with finding the right quest to continue. Or simply don’t want to waste your time on old content but still want to collect rewards. PlayCarry can help out with all of that with our Secrets in the Sands achievement boost. Our professional boosters will make sure to complete it all in no time, quick and easy, and 100% safe. Act now and get -10% discount for your next purchase.

Secrets in the Sands
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