Petty Theft Mammoth

Petty Theft Mammoth is an achievement added to World of Warcraft game with Dragonflight expansion. It is earned by riding the tame baby mammoth to four areas where Mammoth-tamer Tavok is located in the Emberflow.

Quick guide and tips.

Your objective is to find baby mammoth in Waking Shores zone, mount it and ride to a specific NPC. There are 4 areas where you can find them:

  1. Smoldering Perch 33.28 71.19
  2. Burning Ascent 23.63 71.49
  3. Scalecracker Keep 37.20 44.51
  4. Dragonbane Keep 66.29 24.56

Once you hop on the mount, a timer starts running. You need to reach your destination before the time runs out. You’ll have 5 minutes to reach Emberflow.

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Petty Theft Mammoth
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