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Crimson Gladiator’s Drake


Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount appearance is a unique PvP reward added in World of Warcraft Dragonflight for finishing high-end achievement Gladiator. Unlike previous expansions, top PvP players in Dragonflight earn a skin to personalize their dragon. Every gladiator can show off their recognizable Drake Mount appearance to the envy of other players. Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount skin is a full set, which means it changes your dragon completely, and makes its model different from others!

PvP Arena in WoW is the most complex and hard content, since achieving something more than average players fully depends on skill. Enchanted meta PvP gear for your spec and correct build is important, but it still may not be enough. Since there is no PvP reward that is more valuable than Gladiator’s mount, a lot of players compete for it each season.

Dragonflight is the first World of Warcraft expansion to bring reward like this, along with the title and achievement. Customizing dragons is the main feature of DF, and a lot of gamers are going to compete for getting new skins faster than others. Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount is one of the rarest appearances, because obtaining it is a challenge. Want to have it for your WoW character’s Drake mount? We have an answer!

Buy Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount Boosting

PlayCarry boosters have been doing Gladiator’s Mount carries during many World of Warcraft expansions, and are ready to do it again in Dragonflight! Since Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount is a skin for a personal Dragon, it might be even more interesting to get. WoW players contact us everyday with the same problems: lack of time or skill, no needed arena team comp available, difficulties with last 50 wins, etc. We understand every single situation and are ready to help!

One of PlayCarry’s main principles is individual approach, since we understand there are no same WoW characters or situations. Additional options are available with every service to make each order customizable. Can’t find exactly needed things on Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount page? Write our live chat support manager and receive individual consultation and the best offers! Here is the brief description of carry options available on PlayCarry boosting site:


  1. Unlike other services, PlayCarry provides Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount boost in self play mode. This means that a customer is controlling a character, and our boosting teammates are assisting and doing all the hard work. Even though our teams are skilled enough to carry an order like this, a customer should have some skill too. Unlike low rating PvP carries where boosters carry afk teammates, 2400+ rating requires participation of the whole team, so here are our options for self play:
         • Fixed rating boost is possible when the boosted character has full upgraded PvP set, passes the test hour, and is ready to compete on 2400+ rated arenas. It’s basically a guaranteed Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount carry where boosting teams don’t stop until the achievement is done. Perfect for experienced gamers who are looking to play with decent teammates with multi-expancional Gladiator knowledge.
         • Hourly boosts is an option for gamers who are not so sure they can carry high ratings completely even with boosters’ help. Buy as many hours as you need, in some particular cases it could even be a cheaper and better option than fixed carry. For example, if you are lacking a specific amount of Glad wins and want to try it as fast as possible with the boosting team.
  2. Piloted carry helps obtain Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount with account sharing. Fastest option for beginners to obtain desired appearance and title. It works on any part of progress: getting to 2400 arena cr from any point, farming conquest or honor to upgrade gear, doing 50 wins, etc. We admit that it may be risky, since getting high-end PvP rewards in WoW is extremely difficult, and Blizzard checks accounts to find suspicious activity. To minimize risks, teammates use VPN and make small pauses during Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount boost, which helps reduce Blizzard attention.
  3. There is a bare minimum ilvl that is needed to complete Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount service. It changes every WoW season and depends on the highest upgraded PvP gear level. Don’t have enough arena rating or conquests for upgrading? Not a problem, you can always purchase a customized service to prepare the character for a boost.
  4. Test hour is a new service which is really important for picking the right mode for Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount boost. Play trial rounds with our boosters to make sure if Self Play carry works, or Piloted boost is better.
  5. Express option is needed to start the Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount boost faster and move to the beginning of the queue. Carry can’t be completely done in a day or 2 due to safety measures, but starting quickly is possible, and we are ready to provide it to players that buy Express carry!


Before providing a Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount service in self-play, a player needs to try 1 test hour, so we could see his arena skill. A mount appearance can only be obtained in self play with sufficient level of play. The test hour allows us to determine his skill and understand what rating we can achieve together. However, if the rating (which we can provide at a fixed price) is lower than the gladiatorial one, boosters offer to continue playing in an hourly format. Purchase Crimson Gladiator’s Drake Mount boost today to receive it as fast as possible!

Crimson Gladiator's Drake
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