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Stolen Breath of Ohn’ahra


Stolen Breath of Ohn’ahra is a special currency item in World of Warcraft added to the WoW Dragonflight expansion. It is used to obtain the secret mount “Divine Kiss of Ohn’ahra”, alongside 2 other items. It drops from a Nokhud Offensive dungeon under certain conditions with a 17,19% chance.

Quick guide

Start by completing a questline starting with “Sneaking Out” at 56.2 75.8 coordinates in Ohn’ahra Plains zone. This will open access to Godoloto NPC. By bringing x3 Stolen Breath of Ohn’ahra to him, you can unlock “A Whispering Breeze” quest. Stolen Breath of Ohn’ahra drops from a Nokhud Offensive dungeon’s last boss – Balakar Khan, 1 item per kill. Any difficulty will do, but the higher ones offer better drop chances.

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Stolen Breath of Ohn'ahra
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Stolen Breath of Ohn'ahra
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