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Glowing Titan Orb


Glowing Titan Orb is a common crafting reagent used as currency in the WoW Dragonflight expansion. With this material, players can unlock many rare cosmetic items and diversify their collection. The best thing you can get with this currency is different weapon cosmetics.

To get the Glowing Titan Orb players will need to kill Elite NPC’s in the location Thaldraszus. This is mostly a boring and humdrum process that takes a lot of time. But once you get at least 1 item you can exchange it at Samia Inkling in The Waiking Shores for any cosmetics item.

In addition to her, you can exchange the reagent from various vendors in The Azure Span and other locations. It’s important for players to know that by completing The Magic Within quest you can get one for free and exchange it for any cosmetics.


Buying Glowing Titan Orb WoW Material Boosting service you get a selected amount of farming hours to get reagent. The service is currently available in piloted mode. This means that our booster will use your account to get the material you want. In case this item is in our servers in the quantity you need, PlayCarry boosters will instantly transfer them to your character after ordering.

  • Glowing Titan Orb on your characters.
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  1. 70 on WoW character;
  2. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion;
  3. Active game subscription.
Glowing Titan Orb
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