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Keystone Hero


Dragonflight Keystone Hero is a pinnacle of Mythic+ keystones achievement. In order to get this one, you’ll have to get at least 2500 mythic+ rating. In order to do so you will have to farm high level keystones, 18’s or even 20’s, and within timer as well.

Doing just one Mythic+20 run within a timer is a challenge on its own, let alone doing all 8.

But with the right team this task becomes much easier. And with one of our teams this will be more of a stroll for you.

Dragonflight Keystone Hero rewards:

  • Bunch of Mythic+20 keystones completed within timer
  • All Feats of Strength achievements for all dungeons
  • Personal teleports to all Dragonflight 5man dungeons
  • Bunch of 470 ilvl items
  • At least one weekly vault reward with 3 483 ilvl items to choose from
  • Priceless experience of clearing high level Mythic+ keystones
Keystone Hero
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Keystone Hero
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