Aberrus Heroic Boost

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Heroic boost is a full completion of 9 bosses in ASC raid on HC difficulty. Aberrus Heroic is a new raid in World of Warcraft that was added to the game with WoW Dragonflight Season 2. It features 9 bosses with new interesting mechanics and challenges.

Heroic AtSC raid difficulty is where the challenge starts presenting itself and the first difficulty worth buying a boost for. Enemies are given new spells and mechanics. They deal more damage and have more health. Item level rewards also grows, rising to 428 and 441 from the last bosses. LFR offers next to no challenge and is there to introduce players to new enemies and mechanics. Normal is harder but still not too hard for experienced players.

Most players buy Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Heroic for the rest of the WoW 10.1 patch to achieve seasonal rewards and loot. There are 9 bosses available for killing and looting in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible on Heroic difficulty.

First 7 bosses in Aberrus drop 428 ilvl loot, last 2 offer 441 rewards. Killing the last boss on Heroic difficulty rewards players with Ahead of the Curve Feats of Strength achievement and a unique mount. To increase your chances of getting loot PlayCarry offers a couple of options:

  • Group Loot – standard run with a team of 10-15 boosters, which are typically saved to the dungeon and won’t be getting any drops. Players will roll the items using the raid loot system.
  • Guaranteed rewards – receive a guaranteed number of items per one or multiple runs. The number of gear pieces you can buy with these options is 5,7, 8 or 19+. Can take a few weekly resets to achieve. Passing on an item you do not have will still count toward your progression. Duplicates will not.
  • Armor Priority – up to 15 unsaved boosters will pass on the loot to increase the overall number of items from a single boss. You’ll be the only player of your armor type in the raid group. Class tier token, should it drop, will most likely be yours uncontested.
  • Ahead of the Curve kill – quick and easy fight against Scalecommander Sarkareth – Aberrus Heroic boost last boss.

Buying Aberrus Heroic boost services saves gamers a lot of time and gold. It allows players to farm BiS loot from a single raid clear instead of learning boring guides. This is a great solution to collect high ilvl items and prestige Scalecommander Sarkareth AotC achievement avoiding wipes with random groups.


How fast can I start my Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Heroic Carry after the purchase?

Heroic Aberrus Boost runs are available every 2 hours after the raid release. You can join the HC carry to defeat all 9 bosses with a group loot and other options.

How many items can I expect from a group loot?

The average number of items our customers get from the group loot run is 1-3. Since players can’t affect the loot system, sometimes it can be 0 or even 5 items from 1 run.

Do I need to assist with DPS or healing in Aberrus Heroic Boost?

No, you don’t need to take extra actions or read guides and tactics during the Heroic run. Our boosters will carry the whole process, starting with the summoning directly to Aberrus dungeon and completing the boss fights. You can even unequip your items to save some gold on repair bills.

How do I book my run after the purchase?

To start the booking process, leave us a message in a live chat and discuss your Aberrus Heroic boost order details. We’ll book your character in the first available raid slot.

Aberrus Heroic Boost
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