WotLK Farming Boost Services

WotLK Classic Farming Services

WoW WotLK Classic Farming activities follow gamers from their first steps in Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It’s impossible to achieve decent game rank without hardcore level and quest grinding. But even on reaching the experience cap, players need to continue collecting profession materials:

  • Titanium Ore Farming – the rarest mining material required for creating WotLK epic crafting armor and weapons of 200 item level, daily alchemy transmutation, and engineering bombs. It is primarily located in the Wintergrasp zone.
  • Frostweave Cloth Farming – the only tailor ingredient gamers can loot from humanoid mobs in Northrend locations. It drops with a higher chance from elite mobs and bosses. The best place to farm frostweave WotLK cloth is located in the Icecrown zone – in the west of Trials of Champions dungeon. Defeat undead mobs to gather 750-900 cloth per 1 hour.
  • Damaged Necklace Farming – a necklace of uncommon quality that awards the owner with a quest. It requires 375+ jewelcrafting skills and is available for competing in Dalaran.
  • Eternal Life, Fire, Water and Earth Farm – these materials drop from Wrath of the Lich King elementals. In WotLK, there’re 4 elemental types. Each of them has its unique ability and reward.
  • Cobalt and Saronite Farm – are the main ingredients for the blacksmithing profession. Finding a single deposit of these ores in the first days of WotLK release was impossible. Players hunted it to craft raid items or sell at the auction house for gold.
  • Arctic Fur Farm – the rarest item characters can skin with a 0,7% chance from WotLK animals. Characters use it widely in leatherworking to create Fur Lining – bracer enchants on +130 attack power or +76 spell power.

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