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    A Tribute to Immortality
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    Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom
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  • Did Somebody Order A Knuckle Sandwich
    Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich?
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    Drak’Tharon Keep
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WotLK boost services became extremely popular even before Wrath of the Lich King Classic launched. Gamers wanted to try a new class during the pre-patch, but no one wanted to level and gear it up. This is a point where Wrath of the Lich King boosting began to be in demand.

WotLK release opens many doors for boosting: Achievements, Raids, Dungeons, PvP, Arena, Leveling, Gearing, Reputation farm, grinding and farming services and many more. PlayCarry can help you out with all of that.

Why Playcarry?

If you used our boosting services for Shadowlands or any TBC expansions, then you know what we can do, and that’s why you’ve come back for more boosting in WotLK. We appreciate that and promise you to keep up the good work in WotLK boost Services. But if you are new to our website or boosting in general, you might ask yourself why PlayCarry?

  • We are games ourselves. Every one of us plays and loves World of Warcraft. We know our stuff, and we understand how to help you out.
  • We work only with professional and trustworthy boosters. You can be 100% sure your character is in good hands. Our boosters won’t be using any hacks, exploits or 3-party software; they simply don’t need to.
  • 24/7 online customer support. Our live chat agents are ready to help you with any of your needs or answer questions. The booking process is simple and usually takes only a few minutes.

How to order carry services?

You’ve decided what kind of carry services you want to proceed with the purchase. Let us walk you through the process. You are only a couple of clicks away from the best WotLK boost of your lifetime.

  1. Open the page with the boosting services you’d like to get. You can use the search bar to help you find what you are looking for. You’ll be able to see all the options available for the services you’ve picked. Select the specifications or additional services, if there are any, for your boost, and you’ll be able to see the price immediately.
  2. After that, simply press the “Add to cart” button and a new window will pop up with the “Checkout” button. There will be a couple of fields you’ll need to fill. Notice that we do not require any of your personal information. We value your privacy and would never ask for any of that. Our team uses only official and highly renowned payment systems such as Stripe and Paypal, so you can be 100% sure that your payment and personal info is completely safe and secured.
  3. Once you are done with that, press the “Buy” button and open our chat. One of our chat support agents will be with you in a matter of seconds and start booking you.

WoTLK Release Date

April 19, 2022, WotLK Classic was officially announced, later receiving a release date of September 26, 2022. Wrath of the Lich King Classic is the return of a beloved expansion. Peaking at 12 Million players, it was an immediate hit around the gaming community in late 2008.

It means that characters will leave old TBC locations to conquer the lands of Northrend. However, they’ll need to reach level 80 first, and it’s not an easy task. But you can always skip grind in WotLK by buying carry services.

What Makes WoTLK Great?

Wrath of the Lich King is the most popular WoW expansion, beloved by players. People have been waiting for WotLK Classic servers since the announcement of Vanilla expansion.

  • WotLK brings in the game new mechanics that made WoW boost great again. Players dive into achievement points farm, epic raids and confrontations against the greatest villain in World of Warcraft history.
  • Arthas, the Lich King, the main villain of the expansion, is known by every WoW fan as one of the best antagonists in Warcraft history. Great zones, fantastic dungeons, unique locations and incredible raiding mechanics.
  • Northrend zones and Wrath of the Lich King leveling system are one of the reasons why WotLK boost services are so popular. So much great content was available for players. It can be incredibly overwhelming despite how amazing it may be, especially if you want to try out a few classes. Wrath of the Lich King carry services can solve that problem.
  • Another reason WotLK boost is so successful is the release of the new heroic class – Death Knight. Every player received an opportunity to create DK and feel himself on the other side of the war.

Wrath of the Lich King Patch Changes

Like in 2008, WotLK will have different patches and phases to release content more smoothly. The first phase of Wrath of the Lich King started at the end of the TBC expansion with WotLK Prepatch.

Patch 3.0.2:

Echoes of Doom pre-patch was a major content update. It introduced the all-new 51-point talent system, major class changes, the Barber Shop feature, achievement system, brand new profession – Inscription. For WotLK Classic this pre-patch has also added a new Hero class – Death Knights.
Leveling a brand-new Death Knight class became extremely popular. Players wanted to get level 70 DK ready for WotLK release. New Inscription profession and various freshly introduced achievement boosting services have also become available and very popular among WoW players.

Patch 3.1:

Secrets of Ulduar. It was the first major content patch of WotLK. It added the highly anticipated Ulduar raid, the Argent Tournament, new raid mechanics and even more balance and class changes. Ulduar raid quickly became one of the best raids in WoW and is beloved by many today. No wonder Ulduar boosting services were super popular during WotLK Classic.

Patch 3.2:

Featuring the continuation of the Argent Tournament storyline, Patch 3.2 included much content. New Dungeon: Crusaders Coliseum; New Battleground, Isle of Conquest; Arena season 7 and many more. One of the most popular boosting services this season were arena PvP rating carry and Isle of Conquest achievements boosting or simple farming.

Patch 3.3:

Final Major patch before Cataclysm expansion. It added Icecrown Citadel raid, 3 wings of Frozen Halls and tons of changes. Of course, Icecrown Citadel boosting will be a major thing during this phase, not only because this raid is the one where you’ll be facing the Lich King himself, but because it is where players can obtain the legendary Shadowmorne axe.

WoTLK Dungeons and Raids

There are 16 different dungeons and 9 raids in WotLK Classic. All of them are available for WotLK Boost on our website.

Dungeon: Location: Average required level: Final boss: Overall information:
Utgarde Keep Howling Fjord 69-72 Ingvar The Plunderer First dungeons introduced in WotLK
Nexus Borean Tundra 69-72 Keristrasza Located in Coldarra
Azjol-Nerub Dragonblight 72-74 Anub’arak The kingdom of the fallen Nerubian king
Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom Dragonblight 73-75 Herald Volazj Main Nerubian city
Drak’Tharon Keep Grizzly Hills 74-76 The Prophet Tharon’ja Dungeon shows confrontation of Drakkari trolls against the Scourge
Violet Hold Dalaran 75-77 Cyanigosa A prison for caught villians villains
Gundrak Zul’Drak 76-78 Gal`darah A capital city of Drakkari Ice Trolls
Halls of Stone Storm Peaks 77-79 Sjonnir The Ironshaper Titans themed dungeon
Halls of Lightning Storm Peaks 78-80 Loken Lair of golems and elementals
The Culling of Stratholme Caverns of Time 78-80 Mal`Ganis Players will travel back in time to prevent history changing
The Oculus Borean Tundra 79-80 Ley-Guardian Eregos A lair of dragons
Utgarde Pinnacle Howling Fjord 79-80 King Ymiron Vrykul’s fortress

Players can complete these dungeons in normal or heroic difficulty. Some zones are criteria of various achievements or offer the best in slot gear for your class. PlayCarry offers you WotLK boost services for all of those dungeons. Make your farm quicker and easier with one of our professional teams.


The best part of World of Warcraft PvE content lies ahead – Raids. There are 9 raids in WotLK classic available for boosting on PlayCarry.

Raid: Item level loot: Number of bosses: Final boss: Information:
Naxxramas 200-213 15 Kel’Thuzad The hardest raid from Vanilla WoW returned in WotLK with changes to boss mechanics
The Eye of Eternity 200-213 1 Malygos Unique zone with unique boss mechanics where you’ll be riding various drakes with different abilities for the majority of the fight
Vault of Archavon 200-226 4 Archavon the Stone Watcher Bosses drop PvE and PvP gear
Obsidian Sanctum 200-213 1 Sartharion the Onyx Guardian There is only 1 boss in the dungeon, however he has 3 drake lieutenants. Completing the encounter with one or more drakes up will increase the quality loot
Ulduar 226-258 14 Yogg-Saron Most of the bosses have hidden hard mode mechanics
Trials of the Crusader 245-258 5 Anub’arak Training grounds where warriors are training before attempting to storm the Icecrown Citadel.
Onyxia’s Lair 245 1 Onyxia Added in Patch 3.2.2 in honor of World of Warcraft’s 5-years anniversary.
Icecrown Citadel 264-277 12 The Lich King Raid has 4 floors, 12 bosses and the Lich King himself on top of the citadel.
The Ruby Sanctum 271-288 1 Halion Last raid of the WotLK expansion and a bridge to Cataclysm storyline.

All raids are available in 10-man or 25-man groups and normal or heroic versions. Our professional boosting teams will make your raiding experience in WotLK Classic as pleasant as possible. Relax and enjoy the view while our guys will do all the heavy lifting.


How to boost in WotLK?

Yes. You can use our boosting service for leveling Death Knight. Carry service is available for characters on 55 or 70 level.

Can you boost DK in WotLK?

Yes. You can use our boosting service for leveling Death Knight. Carry service is available for characters on 55 or 70 level.

How many WotLK boosts can you buy?

Wrath of the Lich King carry services are available for all the classes and factions of WotLK. There's no limit to purchasing. We're ready to assist you with any specific request. Just contact us!


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