Ring of the Kirin Tor

Ring of the Kirin Tor is the first epic item players can buy in WoW WotLK after hitting a level 80. It costs 8500-6800 gold (depending on reputation discount) and can be purchased from Harold Winston vendor in Dalaran.

For an average WoW gamer, the current amount of currency will take ages to be farmed. This task won’t be easy even if you’re a veteran Azeroth hero since you will farm just 2000-3000 coins during WotLK leveling. So where to get the remaining amount?

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Why should you Buy Ring of the Kirin Tor?

  • Has 3 unique variations with unique stats for every specialization
  • Can be used for casters, melee damage dealers or hunters, tanks and healers
  • A must-have feature if you have a hearthstone located outside the Dalaran
  • Cheap price for benefits it gives on the 1 phase of expansion
  • Possibility to upgrade an item 3 times, paying 1000-1250 gold per 1 upgrade
  • 10 achievement points

Ring of the Kirin Tor item level:

  1. Usual ring, loop, band or signet – 200
  2. Inscribed – 213
  3. Etched – 226
  4. Runed – 251
Ring of the Kirin Tor


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Ring of the Kirin Tor
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