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WotLK power leveling is the most useful service in Wrath of the Lich King World of Warcraft Classic expansion. It allows players to skip experience grinding and achieve level cap within hours. The main reason gamers should buy WotLK power leveling service is fast and secure character boosts.

Ranking up in World of Warcraft has always been the goal of every champion to enter the fantasy of WotLK Classic. WoW champions progressively become more powerful with every gained rank till they get a level 80. Heroes proceed to obtain better gear pieces from harder encounters such as raids and heroic dungeons at the level cap.

But both of these tasks are impossible to complete without a hardcore group. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to level grinding. Start as soon as level 1 or as late as rank 79. Buy WotLK power-leveling service to be one of the first level 80 on your realm in just a few clicks.

How Power Leveling in WotLK works

WotLK power leveling is a straightforward process performed near record-breaking time. Powerleveling is the act of using high experience routes that sometimes ignore reputation or other expansion requirements that players can do later.

So how is it done?

Our elite WotLK power leveling booster will pilot your character during a scheduled time to complete the next tasks:

  • Quickly level up your champion to any rank you desire;
  • Complete quests and run dungeons;
  • Perform at a fast pace for extended periods;
  • Provide new and improved gear;

It is important to note that you cannot use your account during carrying. We need a designated uninterrupted play time to guarantee you the safest and fastest experience. Disruptions to this can result in penalties.

How Players Benefit with Powerleveling Services

Questing, running dungeons, and grinding reputations can all be stressful and annoying. It takes about one week of constant playing for the average rank 70 player to reach 80. Or you can buy WotLK Powerleveling carry to achieve 70-80 levels in just 3-5 days.

  • Save yourself time – experienced gamer will play your character during the process;
  • Reach up to level 80 – unlock the end game content hassle-free;
  • Earn achievements – more than 50 collection points;
  • Keep all loot, gold and gear earned;
  • Professional team – knowledgeable gamers here to answer your questions or concerns.

What about characters below level 70?

Characters with a lower rank than 70 can get a carry too. We cater to all WoW champions regardless of their current rank. However, for characters with levels 70 and below, services might be increased in delivery time and price.

Why Choose Playcarry?

Playcarry is a highly-reputable and trustworthy WotLK level boosting provider with over 69000 verified reviews. Our team is dedicated and motivated to provide your character with the best quality possible. Customers who decide to buy WotLK power leveling service are guaranteed with:

  • Account protection from the start till the end of work;
  • Supervised pro-level players who have a proven positive track record;
  • Individual approach to each of your requests;
  • We honor our 100% completion guarantee or your money back;

Security and Power Leveling

Security is vital to everyone at Playcarry. We want our customers to understand what security means to us if you decide to buy WotLK leveling services.

  • Safe network connection;
  • Long sessions to ensure we play on your account minimally;
  • Closely monitored team members;
  • We provide a 100% refund if you are ever penalized during your carry.

There are some steps on your side that you can take:

  • Never log into World of Warcraft while booster is actively playing;
  • Consider changing your password a few hours before the start;
  • Do not talk about anything in-game;
  • We suggest waiting a bit before logging back after completion to ensure maximum safety.

We are not responsible for account penalties given after the completion of the service. It is best to remain calm and be creative if you are contacted directly by a GM.

World of Warcraft Classic Wrath of the Lich King Release Date in 2022

Developers announced the upcoming release of WotLK Classic on April 19 of 2022. The announcement left many wondering when the official release date would surface.

The second time it was announced on Monday, July 25, 2022, that World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic would be released internationally on September 26, 2022. The update will be accessible to all Burning Crusade Classic worlds.

WotLK Dungeon Power leveling guide

Players receive a possibility to boost levels in dungeons since Classic expansion. This mechanic solves 4 main problems of every WoW gamer at the same time:

  1. Fast experience gaining – up to 250000 points per 1 dungeon run. You’ll need to spend 6 minutes farming mobs in instance instead of doing 2 hours of questing with this method;
  2. Lots of gold and materials – each defeated enemy contains valuable loot.
  3. Gearing – elite mobs inside instances have a higher drop chance of items with a rare and epic quality.
  4. No data sharing – sharing your WoW login and password is unnecessary in self-play power leveling.

The best class to boost people in World of Warcraft Classic Wrath of the Lich King dungeons is a mage in frost specialization with some arcane talents. Area damage spells let mages slow over 20 enemies with just 1 ability (blizzard) and slay them fast. In this case, other group members gain a high amount of XP.


What is required to start?

There are a few requirements to begin your WotLK power leveling service.

  • Booking of an order;
  • Uninterrupted access to your character for the required period;
  • Northrend content requires a rank of 68 or higher;
  • WotLK account with an active subscription;
  • Communication is essential. Please communicate any concerns or questions;

Ordering is as simple as:

  • Select WotLK power leveling from the store page;
  • Make your purchase and contact online chat to arrange a convenient schedule to begin;
  • Ensure you log out before we start.

Is character access required?

WotLK power leveling service requires continuous access to your WoW account and active game subscription. We use a private VPN connection on every piloted order to decrease risks. However, we provide self-play WotLK leveling services on some realms. Feel free to whisper to us in a live chat to find out what servers we play on.

What are the best classes to speed level as in WotLK?

Speed leveling is desirable for many heroes who wish to get straight to the end game. Below is a list of every potential class any champion could use to reach the top the fastest.

  • Druid is usually a wise choice when it comes to game style. Druids have it all; they are capable of performing every single role. Furthermore, this one is the only class in the game with all of these possibilities. If you don't want to be a melee DPS but would rather be a ranged class, switch to boomkin and be prepared to play without having to learn a separate class. Not interested in dealing damage? Try tanking in guardian or healing in restoration specializations.
  • Hunter is the easiest and fastest during WotLK. Every spec of this class is viable and features extremely prominent survival features while having an effortless DPS rotation. The environment rarely kills hunters due to their mobility and passive pet damage. Many highly-skilled professionals have cleared dungeons and even raid trash as solo beast master hunter.
  • For various reasons, the death knight, an unstoppable undead powerhouse, is an excellent choice for someone interested in melee combat in Wrath of the Lich King. Unholy death knights are utterly insane in PvP because of their superior durability and tremendous crowd control due to desecration slowing everyone. Blood death knight features the most mitigation of any spec offered during WotLK other than protection paladin. Finally, frost DK abilities give a balance between highly defensive and mid-range DPS play.
  • Assassination is a fantastic PvE approach early on as it doesn't require armor penetration because most of its damage comes from poisons and venom that bypass armor. Rogue in phases 2 and 4 is virtually unstoppable due to its high raw DPS.

Can I play during the boost?

Piloted services provided by our team take certain precautions to protect your characters. You can't play during your order because you are inhibiting our ability to guarantee you the safest and fastest service. Logging in during the boosting will impact you in multiple ways:

  • Severe account penalties;
  • Disrupting the team heavily;

Please contact our customer live chat immediately should you need to log in.

Is Powerleveling worth it in WotLK?

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic has some of the largest and heaviest quest density of any other Expansion before or after it. There is much new content added as of the release. Champions have the opportunity to explore 12 new zones and an abundance of new dungeons and raids. It makes Powerleveling in Wrath most certainly worth it for a vast amount of individuals who:

  • Would like to save much effort;
  • Get to end-game content faster;
  • Can't level up consistently;
  • Are stressed over farming;

There is much more value to be gained from this carry than seen on paper.


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