A Tribute to Immortality

A Tribute to Immortality in WoW WotLK is the ultimate achievement tied to the 25-man version of Trials of the Grand Crusader raid. So, what is so special about it? The hint is in the name. You have to get to a Tribute chest without letting anyone die during all of the boss fights. Which means you’ll need a good geared, well-coordinated group, that will know all the tactics and will actually try to complete this achievement.

As a reward for completing A Tribute to Immortality you’ll be rewarded with a Crusader’s Warhorse mount. White for Alliance and Black for Horde. And a satisfaction after completing such an epic achievement.

A Tribute to Immortality boost quick guide

As mentioned above, none of your raid members is allowed to die during the Trials of the Grand Crusader 25-man Heroic run. Otherwise you’ll fail to complete A Tribute to Immortality achievement. This means that you’ll only have one shot at it per week, if something goes wrong during the run – you cannot restart the raid, you’ll have to wait for a weekly reset to try it again.

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A Tribute to Immortality boost rewards in WoW WotLK

  • A Tribute to Immortality achievement in WoW WotLK completed
  • Various loot from 25-man Trials of the Grand Crusader raid
  • Black or White Crusader’s Warhorse mount
A Tribute to Immortality


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