Frostbitten is quite a fun achievement in WoW WotLK. You’ll have to hunt down rare and extremely rare mobs all over Northrend and kill them. And finding them will be an actual hard part, not the killing. These mobs have a small chance to spawn instead of regular ones, in certain locations. Other players will be also killing them on sight, for the same reasons as you, or simply because loot.

Frostbitten achievement in WoW WotLK quick guide and tips

The list of the rares required for this achievement is long so we are not going to include it here.

Instead we’ll give you some tips on how to complete Frostbitten achievement:

  • Addons. NPCScan or TomTom should be perfect for the job. It will show you the possible locations where rare mobs can spawn.
  • /target “name” macro. For example, /target High Tane Jorfus. Addons will show you where this NPC can spawn, just spam the macro to check if he’s there.

And of course, the best tip we can give, and the easiest way to get it done – just get our Frostbitten carry. One of our professional boosters will find and kill all of the NPC’s for Frostbitten achievement, quick and easy. Act now and get your Frostbitten achievement done.



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