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How to Buy Benediction Gold on WoW WotLK Classic?

  • Select any amount of WoW WotLK Gold you need;
  • Add service to cart;
  • Fill in the required character information;
  • Get your currency!

Why PlayCarry?

  1. Here you can Buy WotLK Classic Gold at a cheap price with fast and 100% safe delivery methods.
  2. Available from 5000 up to 50000 gold on Alliance and Horde factions.
  3. Our team farms Wrath of the Lich King gold by hand, without using any bots or hacks.
  4. 90% of orders are delivered within an hour!

Delivery methods:

  • Face-to-face – a usual trade option between characters. Put at least 2 items of rare (blue) quality and write a few messages in chat during trading;
  • Mail – we will send you the gold by mail. This method takes 60+ minutes;
  • Auction house – the safest method. Message us in live chat after purchasing gold and let us know an item you will put on the auction house so we can buy it. Usually, there’s a 5% fee on the buyer.
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